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14.09.2010 - Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast With Linkin Park (Article)

8:50 am

Well that wraps things up here! Linkin Park just finished off their Breakfast with Kevin & Bean with a stellar performance of “The Catalyst” that blew everyone away.

Before they performed their #1 song, they did a final question and answer segment with some more of our listeners and Chester showed off his Linkin Park tattoo after a Kevin & Bean fan displayed hers.

Hint: Start from the bottom and read your way up!

The band discussed their “Making Of” DVD and how it offers a great look into the process of creating their latest album, A Thousand Suns. They also spoke about the album art and how the “minimalist design” has been surprising people. Those who purchase the package are stunned by all the goodies that accompany the CD.

Chester Bennington answering questions during the Q&A

The attention then turned to the music video for “The Catalyst.” Chester talked about what it was like singing underwater and almost drowning trying to make the video the best it could be. Mr. Hahn, Linkin Park’s DJ, has directed several of their music videos (including this one) and was asked about what went into the video. His response was deep and sincere, but everyone took it as almost some kind of joke because of how out of place it sounded with the rest of the answers being given.

The last Kevin & Bean listener to get a shot at asking the band a question showed off her new Linkin Park tattoo, and Chester responded with how he had promised himself that one day when he sold a million records, he would get a tattoo of the name of his band. Lo and behold, years later he would accomplish that dream. He now has a huge old English style Linkin Park tattoo on his back.

Chester shows off his Linkin Park tattoo

The band then grabbed their instruments and began their last song of the morning, their new hit “The Catalyst,” which has been at or near the top of the KROQ Most Played list since the song was first released. A little fun fact that I wasn’t aware of is that in the beginning of “The Catalyst,” that’s Mike singing…not Chester. I’ve heard enough Linkin Park to where I thought I could distinguish the two rather easily, but apparently not.

Linkin Park performing "The Catalyst"

All in all this morning was a great time! Linkin Park did an awesome job and left all the fans more than happy. The guys stuck around and are signing autographs to the listeners who came out, including Mike signing a $100 bill!

Mike Shinoda signed a $100 bill for a fan

If you didn’t get the chance to listen to Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast with Linkin Park, you can check out all the audio in the player below. Make sure to get your copy of A Thousand Suns here if you haven’t ordered it already and check out the photo gallery underneath the audio player below.


8:30 am

Silhouette of Chester as he sings "Iridescent" - Photo: Alex Rauch

Wow was that song good! Linkin Park just played a song from their new album called “Iridescent” and had fans full on clapping along with the beat, even though it was mostly everyone’s first time hearing the song. It’s a little bit of a slower song, but it definitely shows the new and improved side of Linkin Park.

After the song finished up, the band took a few more questions from the crowd…

Dave The King of Mexico helps a fan with the mic

“ It's a mixture of the inner-conflict that you have as a human and how it relates to what's going on in the world

Chester Bennington on A Thousand Suns
The band was asked which of their albums was most meaningful to them, and they responded with a little laugh and said, “hopefully this one.” Chester went on to discuss how they tried to mix “organic” and digital elements into their new material, which you can clearly hear in all of their new songs. “The album tells a very beautiful human story of conflict, and oppression…and hope. It’s a mixture of the inner-conflict that you have as a human and how it relates to what’s going on in the world,” says Bennington. “All these things unfold as you hear the album.”

Linkin Park taking questions from fans in the crowd

Another fan asks if their reoccurring theme of forgiveness continues on the new album and the guys have a little fun with one of the “enhanced” microphones. It looks like we’re about to take a break before the last set of questions and final performance of the morning. Take a listen to their new song and hear the full Q&A below:

Next update coming soon!


8:15 am

Linkin Park getting ready to perform

After those great performances of “What I’ve Done” and “Waiting For The End,” and a solid Q&A with Kevin & Bean, the band was ready to get back to playing another song for the crowd, which was starting to get a little restless for some more music.

As soon as the keyboard intro started for “Numb,” the crowd went crazy. It’s always cool hearing new music from a band, but nothing beats jamming out to their classics. You can tell they’ve played this song a million times, because they just executed it flawlessly.

Linkin Park performing "Numb"

After they finished “Numb,” Kevin & Bean strolled back on stage and had a few more questions for the guys before they opened it up to the crowd. They talked about how long they’ve been working on this album and how they’ve dealt with deadlines, back when they first got signed and now. If you’re wondering where they came up with A Thousand Suns as the album title, it came from a set of lyrics in “The Catalyst.” Linkin Park went about the lyric creation process a little differently this time around, using a process known as automatic writing, as they explained.

Q&A session

Next up was a little Q&A time with some of the fans. The first person asked what their favorite band was to tour with, and to my surprise, they said Metallica. They also went on and described a time they played a prank while on tour with Metallica, bringing a blanket out and having a small “picnic” during the middle of “Master of Puppets.” Apparently they’re the only band that’s ever pulled a prank on Metallica to date…

The next fan asked the band what they were listening to currently. Chester replied with Muse’s Absolution and a movie soundtrack, while Mike said he was listening to the Yo Gabba Gabba CD’s. After a few chuckles, the next fan asked where they found inspiration from on this album, and Chester went on to talk about drawing his inspiration from watching his son play pop warner football.

He got pretty deep in his explanation, so take a listen to the audio clip below to hear exactly what he had to say.

Looks like they’re getting ready to go back on. Another update coming soon!


Linkin Park performing at Breakfast with Linkin Park

8:00 am

You could see the wowed look in people’s eyes as they entered the studio and saw the incredible setup. It definitely is a much bigger production than the last Breakfast with Linkin Park, and the band entered the stage to a roar of cheers and immediately burst into their Minutes To Midnight hit “What I’ve Done.”

As soon as they finished “What I’ve Done,” Linkin Park went right into one of the songs off their new album A Thousand Suns, called “Waiting For The End.” You could tell as the band was performing this song, they were looking to the crowd for some sort of approval, which they received plenty of from the die-hard LP fans in attendance.

Kevin & Bean took the stage to ask the band a few questions

Once the song ended, Kevin & Bean came back up on stage and started asking the band a few questions about the new album. Mike talked about what it was like working with producer Rick Ruben and how important it was to them to change their sound and song structure on this album. Chester and Mike started receiving some encouraging shouts from the crowd to kiss, but left those fans a little disappointed when they just laughed it off.

They talked about what it’s like dealing with haters and why it’s important to listen to their new album in it’s entirety. “We could make the most radically different record and there would be people who say it sucks.

“ There's always a reason to say it sucks, so that's why we can't pay too much attention to that...we have to go with what feels good to us.

Mike Shinoda
We could make Hybrid Theory again and people would say it sucks…there’s always a reason to say it sucks so that’s why we can’t pay too much attention to that,” says Shinoda. “We have to go with what feels good to us.” When Kevin talked about how he listens to a song a thousand times then throws out the CD, Shinoda responded with “when you go to a movie, do you show up in the middle of the movie and watch 5 minutes then walk out?” Good point Mike. He then reiterated the fact that “you get something extra” out of listening to the album in full.

The band’s getting ready to go back on! Next update coming soon…

7:30 am

Linkin Park fans eagerly awaiting to enter the studio

Holy crap it’s early…and people have been lined up for HOURS to be the first ones in to Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast with Linkin Park, going down at a super secret venue in LA! I just talked with a few fans who were in line, and they are BEYOND excited to get inside and see the band perform for such a small crowd at this big Hollywood studio lot.

I’ll be updating this about every few minutes with photos and audio clips so check back in soon!

Make sure to pick up their new album, A Thousand Suns, on Amazon or iTunes. - September 14, 2010


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